Monday, June 12, 2017

Small-Group Reading

Link to download resource:

I created this resource today. DRAFT is lightly stamped on several pages. I still need to proofread it for mistakes a couple of times and add in a couple of forms. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I hope you made it home safely. I had to take a detour on my way home and spend a couple hours with my grand baby. I'm pretty sure he missed me. :)

Link to PowerPoint PDF:

Summarizing Mini-Lesson:
The book, Chewy Louie, by Howie Schneider is a must for every classroom. You can EASILY teach summarizing and inferencing with this book. In this lesson, students are asked to write a 16 word summary. Sometimes I have them do 20 words. Sometimes I have them write a summary with less than 25 words.  If you always have students write a 16 word summary, they may think that summaries ALWAYS have to be 16 words. :)

Comprehension Journal:

Rounding up the Rhymes Lesson:

If your district has adopted a specific framework for reading groups, you should still be able to incorporate conversations, partner reading (one reads, the other DOES something -- like summarize), and a written response into your framework. Be sure you're following your district's mandates.

Some students learn to read by reading. Some students learn to read by writing. Some students learn to read through word work. It's important to incorporate ALL areas into your English/Language Arts instruction.

Other small-group options that require less prep than traditional reading groups.

Word Work for specific grade levels:
I highly recommend the Month-by-Month Phonics books by Patricia Cunningham and Dorothy Hall. 
They  are grade specific. Be sure to check to see if you got the 2nd edition. This is the one for first grade:

2nd Grade Working with Words information:

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