Thursday, July 6, 2017

Plan Lessons and Collect Data

Easily collect data with this quick-check form. As for the planning template, I don't fill it out for my lessons anymore. However, it IS the process I go through while teaching. So many assessment strategies work for any lesson such as fist-to-five, four corners, and entrance/exit slips. We are constantly adjusting instruction based on how well students are learning. You can highlight groups on the appropriate quick-check form.
This is the format I use to teach, but if you check my lesson plans, you won't see it all written out. There is just not enough time in the day. 
I wrote on online class that explains the planning template in detail. It will be available for one college credit beginning in September. You can take it now for PD hours. Here's the link if you want to know more about that class:…/differentiated-assessment-strategie….
Link to FREE download of the Word document so you can revise it:

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